Mysterious Chinese signals on radio bands

Wolf, DK2OM, Coordinator IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 reports on strange Chinese signals in the amateur radio bands.

Since 25 October 2012, the bands are suffering from mysterious Chinese signals on 7000, 14000, 21000 and 21010 kHz. At first the A3E signals were sounding like grunt or moo, however stations are receiving very strong multitone signals with a carrier and both sidebands every morning.

The signals are also audible on 15000 (disturbing the time signal from RWM Moscow), 18000, 19000 and 20000 kHz. The purpose is unknown, perhaps a special kind of encrypted broadcast or a new generation of OTH radar?

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There are also reports that a taxi company in the Russian Federation is transmitting FM on 21404.2 kHz daily and all day. He says you can often hear a female voice organizing the business. Please use this frequency for amateur traffic daily.

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