Why we will not be covering the RSGB 2012 Vote

Last year, the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast spent a lot of time analysing, interviewing and producing episodes in the run up to the RSGB 2011 EGM vote.

The episodes we produced last year were well received by our listenership, and produced a genuine debate amongst UK radio amateurs in relation to the direction of the society.

The workload involved during the last two weeks of October 2011 was huge. It involved working through a huge amount of information, removing individual agendas and analysing the facts from the hearsay. I can say I am very proud of the episodes Martin (M1MRB) and myself produced during this time.

However what disappointed me was the lack of engagement from the RSGB during this time. The ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast has always offered an open invite to the Society to promote the work they are conducting on behalf of it’s members, however an interview was only arranged after the “no vote” put their case forward, and after the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast as attacked by an RSGB Regional Manager as “typical media”.

To add to the disappointment, only around ten percent of the membership voted in the EGM, meaning the RSGB Interim Board was elected with nine percent approval of the total RSGB membership. With the backing of nine percent of the RSGB membership, the Interim Board have implemented the changes many warned against, placing a glass ceiling between the elected few and any aspiring member wanting to make a contribution to the hobby.

Unlike last year, when Leslie Butterfields (G0CIB) gave a solid overview view for a no vote, there seems to be so many personal agendas raging, that there is no organised opposition to provide a debate as to the rights or wrongs of this years RSGB proposal. It would be unfair to provide a platform for a one side of the argument, whilst also ensuring the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast is not hijacked by an individual or a small group promoting a personal issue.

However, as always, the ICQ Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast is a Podcast by amateur radio operators for amateur radio operators. If you, the listener request, we will endeavour to organise a debate, let us not by contacting us.