New Zealand hopes to get 50-51 MHz

Radio amateurs in New Zealand hope to get 50-51 MHz when Channel 1 TV shuts down.

The bottom end of the 6 meter band (50 to 51 MHz) is to be returned to New Zealand Amateurs once all Channel 1 television has ceased and the current management right for this expires.

What may not be known is that the last channel 1 television transmitter is not due to close down until November 2013 and the management right under which they operate does not expire until August 2015.   

NZART is working with Radio Spectrum Management on arrangements for the period between when all the Channel 1 transmitters are turned off and the management right expires. 

In the interim, the current arrangements will continue; an amateur in an area where channel 1 is no longer operating can apply for a permit to operate by contacting Radio Spectrum Management or on 0508 RSM INFO (0508 776 463) .