ACMA warning about non-compliant goods

The Australian Consumer and Media Authority is looking for devices that pose a high a high risk to the orderly use of the radio spectrum and public safety.

ACMA Field Staff, particularly in West Australia, are looking for mobile phone jammers and GPS jammers, both prohibited in this country, mobile phone repeaters, and non-compliant devices such as cordless phones and headsets.

The campaign will include education, traditional enforcement measures and also focus on improving the supply compliance of online, or over the internet purchased devices.

A comment by a radio amateur to the ACMA claimed there was concern about non-compliant imported goods that are stamped to be compliant.

He wants the ACMA to clamp down on switch mode power supplies through to plasma TV sets that don't meet the standards and cause much interference.

Hopefully the ACMA will include all offending devices when checking installations and sellers.