Issues with Northern Ireland Amateur Radio Exams

Ofcom has backed a RCF decision to disallow an Amateur Radio Exam in Northern Ireland.

Whilst there was no hard evidence of “wrong doing” by any party involved, the RCF considered the exam result unsafe.

The training club, Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club where suspended from providing training courses, however this suspension has now expired. Both candidates who sat the exam have been offer a free of charge resit of the examination.

Herbie Graham, Exam Invigilator and Vice-Chairman of the Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club mounted a defence of the candidates and examination process.

Graham advises that the examination conditions where meet, and exam procedures where followed as required.

When Mr Alan Betts marked the papers, and found the same questions were incorrect, with similar wrong answers, he conducted all concerned suggesting collusion.

An explanation was provided, suggesting that as the candidates had studied together throughout the learning process, they would have similar understanding of the course. This appeal was dismissed, and the exam was declared “unsafe”.

The Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club are very disappointed in the way the appeals procedure has been handled, with inconsistencies being noted. The RSGB have not offered support, advising that they could not be involved as the RCF are an independent body. The club are hoping for redress from Ofcom.

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