Taiwan Radio Hams seek additional allocations

Taiwan's IARU national society the CTARL, submitted a paper about amateur radio in the country to the recent IARU Region 3 conference.

They are seeking to expand several amateur allocations.

On 80m, where they currently only have 3.5-3.5125 and 3.55-3.5625 MHz, they are seeking an allocation from 3.5 - 3.9 MHz.

At 6m they have just 50-50.0125 and 50.11-50.1225 MHz and are seeking 50.0-54.0 MHz.

They wish to add 146-148 MHz to their existing 144-146 MHz allocation.

Taiwan has very limited amateur allocations in the UHF and Microwave bands, only 430-432, 1260-1265 and 2440-2450 MHz. They seek to expand these allocations to 430-440 and 1240-1300 MHz.

The CTARL reports that its membership is now just 362. In 2000 the IARU reported it had a membership of 1264 out of an amateur population of 24,324. This indicates that they have lost 72% of their members this century and one can speculate that perhaps the number of radio amateurs has had a similar sharp decline.

Taiwan's population of 23 million is just over half that of the UK (79,000 licenses) and about 1/14th that of the USA (700,000 licenses).

Read Taiwan's IARU-R3 report - http://www.iaru-r3.org/15r3c/docs/061.doc

IARU License statistics for 2000 - http://web.archive.org/web/20020220171249/

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