Call to urgent action on 5 MHz

While Radio Amateurs in the UK are experimenting on the 5 MHz band, South Africa are still awaiting the answer to the South African Radio League's request to ICASA to allocate one or more 5 MHz channels.

This week, RSGB news reported that their popular Sunday evening 5 MHz Sunset Net is changing frequency. The net, as its name implies, meets around UK sunset time on Sunday evenings to compare propagation with that during the 5 MHz GB2RS News earlier the same day. It has for some time met on the UK's 5 371,5 kHz channel.

Following a number of reception reports from amateurs in the Republic of Ireland, the net participants have decided to move the Sunset Net's frequency to 5 398,5 kHz, with a backup of 5 278,5 kHz, beginning today, 18 November, as both these latter two channels are available to EI amateurs.

We, in South Africa, need your action this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday. Monitor the channels between 5 250 and 5 450 kHz and report any transmission heard. We need the date, time and ID of the station or any information that may assist in identifying the organisation licensed.

The SARL needs this information in preparation for the meeting with ICASA on Thursday this week. Mail your findings to