First contact between VK3UM and CT1DMK on 432.010 MHz

First contact between Doug MCArthur, VK3UM and Luis Cupido, CT1DMK via Moonbounce Communications on 432.010 MHz, CW was recorded on 6 December  2012 near 01:30 UTC.

The telegraphic message - VK3UM, CT1DMK 559/559 "loud and clear" - could be received by those stations equipped for EME on 432 MHz, last 6 December 2012 near 01:30 UTC.

This communication achieved by 2 serious radio operators who invested a lot on Ham radio stations are both our proud in terms of perseverance and technical achievement. They inspire an entire generation country fellows and make our dreams possible with some work and preparation.

Luis Cupido, CT1DMK, is in fact a wonderful paradigm of technical know how for many of us. He has already a few interesting distance records to encourage a number of colleagues, like the world DX record of ever, while receiving one of the deep space spacecrafts, Voyger 1, at about 14698 million Km (3 times further away than Pluto) on April 4, 2006 from 03:00 to 07:00.

Recently some of his contacts "down under" had a tremendous impact on those working on moonbounce on this small corner of the world:

2.3 GHz: VK3NX to CT1DMK (17678.7 km, December 13, 2010).<br />432 MHz: VK3NX to CT1DMK (17678.7 km, December 13, 2010).
5.7 GHz: VK3NX to CT1DMK (17678.7 km, April 5, 2009).

The celebrated world record on the IARU Region 1 webpage - - it is actually from 1989

(1989-03-12) between Ian White (G3SEK) in IO91IP and Alderson (ZL3AAD) in RE66GR, on CW and covering the distance of 18970.0 Km.

Anyway this last contact between the two opposite hemispheres between Portugal and Australia it is in fact one of a kind.