Germany gains 1331 callsigns in 2011

The German telecommunications regulator the Federal Network Agency have released their report for 2011 part of which covers amateur radio.

The report says there were 62 Amateur Radio Exams, 731 amateur radio certificates and 1331 ham radio callsign issued.

To ensure the protection of the amateur radio frequencies the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) sent around 20 messages to foreign governments regarding interference to amateur bands. In some cases these resulted in a shutdown of the offending transmitter or the fixing of a fault.

BNetzA also worked closely with Customs and Internet Service Providers to remove non-compliant electronic devices from sale. [Ofcom please note]

The report also mentions Powerline devices.

It is presumed that the number of completely new radio amateurs for 2011 will be less than the 731 amateur radio certificates issued.

This would indicate that despite having a far larger population (81m as against 62m for UK) Germany gained less than half the number of new UK radio amateurs.

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