Volunteers wanted for RSGB Centenary Working Group

With the RSGB Centenary now just over 6 months away detailed planning of events to mark the occasion, as well as publicise our hobby to the public, is under way.

Rob Harwood, G0HRT has been appointed to chair a Centenary Working Group to lead the work. He is looking for a few volunteers to join the Centenary Working Group to help plan and implement a number of events.

The scope for the events is still under consideration, but it is likely to include a yearlong sequence of themed Special Event Stations, local events with clubs, and events to both publicise the hobby to our national and international partners as well as highlight the supporting role that Society plays.

Rob is seeking a few volunteers from our membership who can think creatively, work mostly virtually, and have the necessary skills and self-motivation to drive the ideas forward to implementation.

Please contact Rob along with a brief CV and interests to centenary@rsgb.org.uk