100 memory buttons and more for Flex PowerSDR

Andrew Barron ZL3DW has announced the release of FlexButtons, donationware software that adds memory buttons for PowerSDR (Flex SDR Radios) and an integrated CAT interface to MixW digi-mode software.

FlexButtons was created for two reasons. Firstly, to remove frustration with the memory function in PowerSDR (TM). Now a quick and easy way to store the current frequency and other parameters and recall them by pressing a button rather than delving into a menu based system. FlexButtons works a little like the buttons on your car radio, simply press ‘Save’ and then the button position that you want to use.

Secondly Barron wanted to use my Flex radio with digimode software, in my case MixW(TM). The problem was that with only one monitor, the Digimode screen sits on top of PowerSDR(TM) and it disappears when you go to change a filter setting or any other function on the Flex radio.

With FlexButtons you can run PowerSDR(TM) minimised but still control the features I wanted, such as; mode, mute, VAC, and the filter width.

If you save your favourite digimode frequencies to memory buttons you can easily swap between bands and band segments.

FlexButtons v1.0 Beta is availabe free from the author - zl3dw@nzart.org.nz