Insurance scheme for UK Radio Amateurs

Broker network Ten Insurance has launched a new scheme for The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), the not-for-profit national organisation for amateur radio enthusiasts.

The new scheme will provide specialist cover for the 24,000 licensed radio amateurs who are members of the RSGB in the UK.

Ten Insurance member South West Broking worked with the network to identify the right underwriter and get the scheme launched.

Julian Dent, managing director of South West Broking, said: "There are a surprising number of radio enthusiasts in the UK. It's an interest that's very much alive and well in Britain.

"I know from my contacts within the Society that the cover currently available on the market wasn't sufficient to meet the needs of all the members.

"The equipment can be very expensive, especially for radio repeaters and more specialised groups and clubs. Household policies usually aren't sufficient, so it's important that members have a standalone policy that's tailored for them."