OSCAR-7 DX record broken again

Independence Day saw AC0RA and OM3BD set another world distance record using the amateur radio satellite AMSAT-OSCAR-7, breaking their own record set just 48 hours earlier.

The new distance record was 7903.55km comfortably exceeding the previous record of 7849km.

Bill OM3BD in Grid Square JN88mf reports that Wyatt AC0RA once again woke up early and this time drove 150 miles to EN41ad. They had a 30 second contact at 0949Z to extend the record to 7903.55km.

Recordings, pictures, and further info - http://qsl.net/nz5n/AO7record.htm

The article "Guide To OSCAR Operating" that was published in "The Best of OSCAR News" Volume 1 in 1980 notes that the maximum theoretic range of AO-7 without propagation enhancements was expected to be about 7900 km. In some ways it is surprising that it took 37 years after the launch of AO-7 for the extremes of range to be tested to their limits.

Previous OSCAR-7 DX record - http://www.uk.amsat.org/8728

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