ADIF2KML shows your QSOs on Google Earth

ADIF2KML is an application that plots your ham radio QSOs as pins on the Google Earth map of the Earth. You can see where your QSOs or QSLs came from as the Earth spins slowly on your PC screen.

Hams that use digi-modes like PSK usually record the Maidenhead Grid of the stations they work. ADIF2KML uses those grids to calculate LAT and LON, then creates a KML file. The data shown includes notes like the ham's name, callsign, QSL received etc.

NOTE: The program can not plot QSOs that do not have a grid recorded. If you are not adding Maidenhead grids to your log entries, this program will not work for you!

You save your log, or part of it as an ADIF file (most computer log programs can do that) and ADIF2KML makes a KML file. Double click the KML file and Google Earth (tm) will dispay all your QSOs as yellow pins, click a pin for the QSO details and double click to zoom into the grid square. NEAT Eh? You do need to download Google Earth but many of you will already have done that and its free!

This is version 2 of this program. The new version eliminates the need for Excel and does the whole conversion in Visual Basic. But you still have the option of creating a .csv file so that you can run your own analysis of your log in a spreadsheet.

Download free from my web site

This program has only been tested in a Window XP environment - your PC will need Visual Basic runtime files and of course Google Earth.