New Russian Satellite RS-40

MiR also known as Yubileiny-2 and RS-40 was built by students and research staff of the Siberian State Aerospace University and launched on 28 July 2012.

It is understood signals from RS-40 on 435.365 MHz were first reported by Maik Hermenau on the AMSAT-DL mailing list.

The first signals, switch between the two downlink frequencies, when the signals stop on 435.265 MHz FM they start again on 435.365.000 MHz FM. After about six minutes the pattern changed and there where only signals on 435.365 MHz FM. When you listen close there is a difference between the pattern from the first recording and the second. Something that can’t be seen after the recording, is the fact that the signals of the first pattern have a higher bandwidth, and therefore likely to have a higher baud rate.
— Jan PE0SAT

Data received from RS-40 -

First signals from RS-40 -

Yubileiny-2 (RS-40) -

The website of Andy Thomas G0SFJ has information on the earlier Yubileiny-1 (RS-30) satellite -