SA Electronic Communications Amendment Bill

South Africa's Department of Communications is planning to create another body next to ICASA to take over spectrum management.

One of the many changes proposed in the Electronic Communications Amendment Bill, 2012 is the establishment of a Spectrum Management Agency within the portfolio of the Minister of Communications with the overall responsibility for the country's spectrum as contemplated in the White paper on Broadcasting Policy, 1998.

The explanatory document addendum to the bill states that the Minister of Communications acts as the custodian of the spectrum on behalf of the people of South Africa. It further states that the Minister represents South Africa in the ITU. This includes inter alia the allocation of the radio frequency spectrum to various radio communication services, like amateur radio. The minister is responsible under the new act, once implemented, for all international spectrum matters pertaining to South Africa, including Regional and sub-Regional spectrum planning, all cases concerning international harmful interference and international frequency coordination.