Amateur Radio Astronomy

The Radio Astronomy Group of the British Astronomical Association is holding a one-day meeting at the National Space Centre in Leicester on Saturday 27th October.

The keynote speakers will be Prof Andrew Lyne (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics Pulsar Team) who will talk on "Using pulsars as cosmic clocks in the study of gravitational theories" and Dr Chris North (Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy & co-presenter for The Sky at Night) who will talk on "Astronomy at Mega Megahertz".

Supporting papers will include

  • Tony Abbey G3OVH Using the FUNcube Dongle and budget variants for Hydrogen Line reception
  • Peter Blair G3LTF Optimising the performance of parabolic reflector antennas
  • Brian Coleman G4NNS Outreach via Hydrogen Line astronomy
  • Paul Hyde G4CSD Practical considerations in observing meteor scatter
  • Jeff Lashley 2E0ODF Data processing and control
  • Dr David Morgan Interferometric detection of an extra-galactic radio source RF Design UK and UKRAA will also have stands at this event.

Tickets are £15 (£12 for BAA members) including buffet lunch, free admission to the National Space Centre and free parking.

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