A multi-purpose portable satellite station

A multi-purpose portable satellite station.

At the AMSAT-UK Colloquium 2011, Ivo Klinkert PA1IVO gave a short presentation about his experiences with his portable setup, called A Multipurpose Portable Setup.

Based on this presentation, Andreas Bilsing DL2LUX invited him to write an article about this subject for the AMSAT-DL Journal. The article, Eine tragbare Mehrzweck-Satellitenstation, was translated from English to German by Andreas and appeared in the March 2012 issue of the AMSAT-DL Journal. The English version of the article appeared later in two issues of OSCAR News of AMSAT-UK (July and September 2012). These AMSAT-UK publications are available to E-membershere.

The original English text can now be read on the link below (not all pictures appeared in the article in OSCAR NEWS). Please be informed that the status of the satellites mentioned in the article is not updated since the article was written! If you are interested in working satellites as a portable station, Google can give you more webpages about this subject, for example a similar setup of KB5WIA.

Read Ivo's article - http://ivok.home.xs4all.nl/pa1ivo/portable_satellite_setup.html