New 5 MHz Channels in Eire

ComReg has allocated three new 3 kHz channels in the 5 MHz band to the amateur service on a secondary basis.

The three new channels are centred on 5300, 5332 and 5348 kHz. In responding to the ComReg's Proposed Spectrum Strategy for 2011-2013, IRTS sought these channels and ComReg agreed to consider the matter in consultation with current users of that spectrum. We are pleased at the positive outcome of these consultations and we appreciate the efforts of ComReg in being in a position to allocate the new channels within the period of the Spectrum Strategy.

There are now six 3 kHz channels at 5 MHz available to licensed amateurs. These are centred on 5280, 5300, 5332, 5348, 5400 and 5405 kHz. It is the convention to use upper sideband on this band.

It should be remembered that additional authorisation is required to operate on the 5 MHz band and application to do so must be made to ComReg on form 09/45(d).

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