DIY electronic kit founder Entrepreneur of the Year

Limor Fried started selling her DIY electronic kits at university and created a multi million dollar business Adafruit.

Her success resulted in Limor being named 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur magazine.

Tech Crunch reports Limor started her company in her MIT dorm room by selling electronics kits to her friends, making about $10 on each kit.

Soon she moved to New York and in October moved from a 2,000 square foot office to a sprawling 12,000 square foot loft in Soho.

Entrepeneur says with $10,000 her parents had allocated for her tuition, Fried bought a bulk quantity of parts and began assembling and selling her kits, making about $10 on each unit. In the beginning, running the company consisted of shipping a couple of packages a day from the 24-hour post office next door to her dorm. As orders increased, she hired friends; before she knew it, she was designing a new project every week around newfangled components like gyrometric sensors, solar panels and thermal printers.

Fried is also throwing her creative weight behind education initiatives, designing school curricula in electronic circuitry and robotics and creating stickers and badges, à la Girl Scouts, to get kids to brag about their skills in areas like welding and programming.

Adafruit Industries launched DIY merit awards in honor of the 100th anniversary of theGirl Scouts -

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