Nothing beats the radio

The New Straits Times interviews Sim Hui Ping 9W8SIM about her experience of amateur radio in Sarawak, Malaysia.

In the interview Sim Hui Ping 9W8SIM described how she became interested in amateur radio while in the Girl Scouts. She built her own radio from scratch, and bought a secondhand one that she modified and uses for HF working.

Although now aged 21 she is still the youngest member of the Amateur Radio Club Sarawak. ARCS member Allan Ming Addie 9M8MA says the club is now attempting to attract the interest of a younger generation.

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The amateur radio exam system in Malaysia is similar to that which existed in the UK back in the last century.

The exam requirements for the Malaysian 100 question Radio Amateurs Exam (RAE) are similar to the UK Advanced exam, there are no "entry level" exams. Exams are held just twice a year (June/December).

There are two type of license, Class A and Class B (VHF only). To get a Class A license you need to pass a Morse code test.

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