Foundation Amateur Radio Training Android App

The Radio & Electronics School has released a free Amateur Radio Foundation training App for Android devices described as suitable for both Australian and UK Foundation students.

A few months ago the Radio & Electronics School posted a free Foundation Course on YouTube. That foundation course has proved to be very popular.

Ron VK2DQ from the School looked into the Google Analytics and was surprised to find that more than 60% of users of the course are doing so from portable devices.

"Perhaps we should make Foundation training application for Smartphone" Ron thought.<

Well the people at RES have done it. There is now an Android application for the foundation licence. It’s free!

Just go to Google Play Store at "" and search for Radio &amp; Electronics School.

You can download the application directly to your phone, tablet or other portable device. The course is in the same Video format as the well known Standard Course.

“We think this might be popular with young people and in particular for JOTA. We only released the application a few days ago and already there have been over 100 installs.
— Ron VK2DQ

RES recommends that you use this application in conjunction with the publication "Your Entry Into Amateur Radio available through radio clubs and the WIA.

App on the Google Play Store -;feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5hcHBidWlsZGVyLnUxNzI3MjZwMzg2NTg0Il0