Final spectrum plan for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Ofcom has published the final update to its plan for managing the airwaves during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games


The final spectrum plan sets out how Ofcom will make spectrum available for applications such as wireless microphones and cameras and the wireless communications equipment used by team members, sports officials, organisers and support staff.


The plan outlines how Ofcom will license the use of spectrum and minimise the risk of interference, to meet the UK and Scottish Governments’ guarantees on allocating spectrum for the organisation of the 2014 Games between 23 July and 3 August 2014.


Regarding amateur radio the statement says:


RSGB highlighted the support they had provided to London 2012, for example in supporting sharing of the 430 MHz with Games Family users. They stressed that such arrangements would take time to implement and that adequate notice would be needed to facilitate them. As set out in Section 4, lower spectrum demands means that we have no such plans. However, should demand exceed significantly our projections we may review this position, and Ofcom would engage with the amateur community at the earliest opportunity.

More generally the RSGB highlighted the popularity of such events with the amateur radio community and indicated a desire to engage in a dialogue with Ofcom about how such activity could be supported

The statement notes that wireless cameras will be operating in 1900–2500 MHz, 3400–3500 MHz and 10300-10400 MHz

In cooperation with the UKSSC Ofcom will seek to ensure that no GPS Jamming Trials are carried out during the period of the Games that could affect the availability of radionavigation satellite services (e.g. Global Positioning Service).

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