New IARU Region 2 Band Plan

One of the most important achievements of the IARU Region 2 General Assembly held in Cancun, Mexico, September 2013 was the revision of band plans

Band plans are recommendations for the voluntary use of the frequencies assigned to radio amateurs. They seek an efficient use of our spectrum, the prevention of interference between compatible modes, and a standardized use in the three IARU Regions.

IARU Region 2 counts on a specific procedure for modifications to its band plan. It starts practically one year before the General Assembly, and all Member Societies in IARU Region 2 are invited to participate.

For the first time ever, definitions are included to organize the concepts used in the band plan, as well as the proposed use of spectrum for the bands between 6 meters and 1 millimeter. As in previous years, the allocation of bands between 2200 meters and 10 meters was revised.

The IARU Region 2 band plan -|%20Band-plan/R2%20Band%20Plan%202013.pdf