Promoting amateur radio

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) is seeking advice on the broad area of promotion for amateur radio.

The WIA thought it should look at the role publicity and public relations play in promoting our hobby. The PR4AmateurRadioExpo is set for April 2014.

With six months to go to the Expo, the WIA wants to hear of your experience in promoting amateur radio either actively, planned, very rarely, or even not at all.

With the entry level Foundation Licence, reshaping of the Standard and Advance Licences, the earlier abolition mandatory Morse code tests, the hobby in Australia is now more greatly accessible. Have we changed to meet this new environment or has nothing altered?

Many more people for both recreational and vocational uses should find amateur radio attractive, and it also helps to be better understood in the community.

The WIA wants to hear this month on how you think amateur radio is promoted.

Hope to hear from you soon with your thoughts on the subject.

Please send your thoughts and comment to