NZART to review 70 centimetre band plan

The Council of New Zealand's national society, NZART, has decided a review of the current 70 cm Bandplan is desirable as a conflict with the IARU Region III Bandplan has been identified by a number of formal complaints to both NZART and Radio Spectrum Management (RSM).

Council considers it part of its responsibilities to amateur radio that it reviews the Bandplans when significant changes occur in the use of the spectrum.

This proposed review is now on the agenda of the Council Face to Face (FTF) meeting in February and it is hoped that submissions will be called for shortly afterwards. The review is also planned to be a discussion topic at the Technology Convention in Auckland, where it is anticipated it will be presented as a Draft Final Recommendation for comment, before being presented to NZART Council.

Due to the discrepancy between the NZART 70 cm Bandplan and the IARU Region III Bandplan, the review will give consideration to concerns regarding the operation of Amateur Television. It will also consider interference received from UHF Low Interference Potential Devices – LIPD's by equipment we operate such as 70 cm repeaters (the National System was re-engineered to be resistant to this some time ago).

NZART Council will seek feedback from existing operators on the 70 cm band. We are interested in any interference presently being received or perceived may occur in the future whilst operating on this band.

NZART will soon be inviting comment from parties interested in providing submissions to a Committee appointed at the Council FTF to do this review. Submissions from 70 cm Band users on the current 70 cm Bandplan and any issues perceived with it, or suggestions to improve it will be most useful.