Retaining New and Young Radio Amateurs

The WIA highlight the need to support the new generation of radio amateurs once they have got their licenses.

Many clubs and individuals do a wonderful job of training and assisting new or young amateurs to achieve their first amateur radio qualification, this is mostly at the Foundation level
— Philip VK3JNI

“As one of the WIA’s assessment team, I often wonder if we are supporting our new and younger amateurs well enough after they walk out the door and into the wider world of amateur radio?”  

“If the new operator does not have a member of the family or a mentor to assist with getting the gear together for the first station, I wonder if many will ever get or stay on air?  This is where the support of a caring amateur radio club can greatly assist the new or young operator.”

“Just as the initial introduction to ar is greatly enhanced by a welcoming peer, who can relate to and understands the perspective operator.”

“After the assessment process, the need for ongoing friendly support is possibly even more important to ensure that the new or young operator feels welcome and develops their skill in the hobby.”  

If the interests are found to lie in the digital world, the Foundation Operator can find a lot of fun in receiving and decoding digital signals with a PC (or Mac) and the most elementary connections to the receiver.

Who will introduce them to this exciting simple connection?

Seeing the received text or fuzzy images appear on the screen may be just enough to encourage the new operator to want to improve the antenna or excite them enough to start to study for an upgrade of license.  With help and encouragement many more may continue in the hobby well beyond the initial rush of excitement.