UK 434 MHz balloons head for Poland

Two balloons were launched from Cambridge on Saturday 13 April 2013, one transmitting video images from a Raspberry Pi. On Saturday evening the M0UPU-11 APRS signal indicated they were over Germany.

The first balloon is flying a Raspberry Pi which transmitted live Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV) images back to the ground by a pair of transmitters to double the bandwidth. The data was RTTY 300 baud 8N2.

The frequencies used were 434.070 and 434.074 MHz. The balloon call sign was $$PIE.

The second balloon flew a 70cms tracker on 434.450 MHz 50 baud 7N2. Additionally once it entered air space where the airborne use of APRS is permitted a second APRS transmitter was enabled, presumably on the APRS frequency of 144.800 MHz, with the callsign M0UPU-11.

Live video of the launch was streamed by the British Amateur TV Club (BATC) -

Tracks of both balloons -

Direct link to M0UPU-11 APRS track -!call=a%2FM0UPU-11&timerange=86400&tail=86400

Images from the PIE5 Raspberry Pi balloon transmitted using SSDV -

Beginners Guide to Tracking using dl-fldigi -