The Michael Owen Plaque

IARU Region 3's highest scoring single operator at the IARU HF Championship in July will receive the Michael Owen Plaque.

In announcing the new plaque, the Wireless Institute of Australia aims to encourage excellence in IARU Region 3 contesting in memory of his vast work and dedication.

Michael Owen served both the IARU and the WIA over many years. He was involved with the Amateur Radio Service since the 1960s, starting in Victoria, moving to the Federal arena, and served as IARU Vice President from 1989-1999.

At the time of his death he was both the IARU Region 3 Chairman and WIA President. He passed away last September 22, aged 75.

The plaque in his memory is for any mode or bands and shall be awarded annually to the single operator scoring the most points in the IARU HF Championship, run for 24 hours on 13-14  July 2013.

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