HamTV from the International Space Station

Frequencies have been announced for the new Ham Radio Digital TV transmitter that will transmit from the ISS in the amateur radio 2400 MHz band.

The main mission of HamTV is to perform school contacts between the astronauts onboard ISS and the scholarship, not only by voice, but also by unidirectional video from the ISS to the ground within ARISS program.

In addition to the existing VHF radio amateur station, ISS will host a

S-Band video transmitting station. This new equipment can broadcast images from the ISS during the school contacts or other pre-recorded video images up to 24 hours a day to allow ground stations tuning.

It is planned to transmit DVB-S signals on 2.4GHz at either 1.3Msps or 2.3Msps with 10 watts of RF from the ISS Columbus module.

The IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination Panel have announced coordinated frequencies of 2422.0 MHz and 2437.0 MHz.

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