The P5 Project

The Intrepid-DX Group, in partnership with the World-Wide DX Group, is announcing our sustained and ongoing effort to activate North Korea, providing P5 North Korean station, the most wanted DXCC entity world-wide.

For the past four years, the group have been working with professionals in the business and tourism industries who are actively doing business in North Korea. Leveraging their ideas and contacts towards their goal of a major Dxpedition over a four week period from within the DPRK.

Using the same techniques that were successful in opening up Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) South Sudan and Yemen to Dxpedition activity, group group are hopeful in activating North Korea

Having prepared a comprehensive, multi-faceted proposal, and the group have delivered it to the DPRK officials via the Chinese emissary. Several members of the leadership and advisory team have made multiple visits to the DPRK and are advising the team accordingly.

The Intrepid-DX Group -