Ham Radio 50 MHz operation in New Zealand

Analog TV transmissions in South Island, New Zealand have now ceased enabling amateur radio operators to use the 50 MHz band as of Sunday 28 April 2013.

Well, what a thrill to hear that horrible noise of CH1 TV2 stop just 3mins after 2am this morning. Straight into it put out CQ 6m CQ CQ 6m. Back came ZL3GE on 50.050 MHz
— George Boorer, ZL3PN

George ZL3PN had been active on 50 MHz in 1950 before it was used for TV. ZL3GE is also a veteran 50 MHz operator.

Channel 1 TV in New Zealand occupied 44.0 to 51.35 MHz and amateurs were prevented from using 50.0-51.35 MHz if they were within 50 km of an area served by a channel 1 TV transmitter or an area where there was a translator whose input was on channel 1.

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