Band allocation at 5 MHz for Samoa

Following discussions, Atsuo Sakuma, 5W1SA, has become the first resident operator on the island to be issued with a special 5 MHz permission by the Samoan telecoms regulator, OOTR (Office Of The Regulator), enabling him to operate over the frequency band 5250 -5450 kHz.

Although 60m permissions have been available to visitors since 2011, these had generally been the 5 US channels. The permanent amateur population in Samoa has been low in numbers and currently Atsuo is the only resident licensed operator, although he has lived on the island for 15 years, being licensed since 1998.

Around the time of the visit of the German 5W0M team in April 2013, Atsuo entered into discussions with the regulator, which has now eventually resulted in a band rather than purely a channelized allocation. He is permitted 100W, with no other restrictions and hopes that the power level may be increased in due course, provided that no interference problems are encountered.

Atsuo regrets that unfortunately the nature of his work makes him unable to arrange skeds. He is equipped for most modes, although he does not do a great deal of voice operation, preferring CW and from time-to-time has noise problems. However, he often manages to put out a CQ between 0800 and 1000z.

Atsuo says he is of course pleased to make contacts, but requests that callers observe the DX Code of Conduct and do not tune up on or very near to his frequency.