Ham radio operators lobby Poway council for changes

Amateur radio operators are seeking  assurances regarding planning given to amateur radio operators

During a recent meeting,  the Poway City Council (in California) assured about 50 amateur ham radio operators that the council would take a serious look at revising local planning codes to make sure they conform with federal laws regarding the placement of antennas on private property. Currently the city requires every antenna installation to go through a minor development review application process, which costs the applicant $719.

In late 2005 the council gave preliminary approval to some changes, but never followed through with the final adoption. All five council members agreed Tuesday night that the application fee should be waived or significantly reduced and asked the city staff to come back in 30 days with a plan and timeline for the regulation review. The radio operators, invited to the meeting by Mayor Don Higginson, applauded at the end of the discussion.

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