Hong Kong radio hams lend a helping hand

Amateurs in Hong Kong have gained credit for providing services to charity events.

Hong Kong’s Annual events such as the Trailwalker require a number of volunteers who are responsible for the continuous radio network over the 100 kilometres.

We provide safety and support for the workers, volunteers and competitors. We can call in helicopters and rescue teams in case someone is lost or injured
— Sunny Chan Loy-sun president of the Hong Kong Amateur Transmitting Society (HARTS).

In 2000, some members split from HARTS and formed the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Communications Association (HKARCA). Their president Ken Hau was bitten by the radio bug in 1998. "My friends got me into it because they were playing with ham radios. It's neat to meet friends on the air, not just in Hong Kong, but also in mainland China, Taiwan, the United States and Australia.

Another breakaway group from HARTS is the Hong Kong Amateur Radio Association (HKARA), which was also formed in 2000 and is led by Ho Wing-leung. He was introduced to ham radio as a young boy by an uncle who worked as a technician at Hongkong Electric. Ho's fascination with the technical aspects of telecommunications eventually led to a career in information technology.

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