When will Ofcom revoke Ham Radio licences?

The wording on an Ofcom slide raises the question - When will Ofcom revoke amateur radio licences that have not been re-validated ?

Ofcom gave their presentation at the RSGB Convention on October 12. Regarding licences that have not been revalidated their slide said:

This still leaves 19,000 licences technically open to revocation

Ofcom's use of the words "technically open to revocation" rather than "will be revoked" gives the impression that revocation of licences may not occur in the immediate future.

The licence statistics include people who have been dead for over 7 years, it is hoped that Ofcom do not take too many months before they start the revocation process.

The slide also showed that radio amateurs appear to change email address as frequently as they move house with Ofcom reporting that 20% of both the email and written postal communications sent out "failed delivery".

Ofcom UK Amateur Radio Licence Statistics - http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/radiocommunication-licences/amateur-radio/guidance-for-licensees/monthly-stats/

How to validate your licence - http://www.essexham.co.uk/news/remember-to-validate-your-licence.html