Beta release of WSJT-X v1.4

A public beta release of the weak signal data modes software WSJT-X, version 1.4, is now planned for early October 2014

Important changes in version 1.4 relative to v1.3, r3673 include the following:

  1. CAT control for most radios is much improved, including expanded support for Commander, Ham Radio Deluxe, and OmniRig. One-way CAT control is no longer supported. Users may choose no CAT control, or may have working two-way communication so that WSJT-X can verify that commands sent to the rig have been executed. "Split" mode operation is supported via HRD for radios where HRD provides the necessary control functions. WSJT-X can now simulate Split mode for rigs that do not provide it.
  2. Many options previously found on the Setup menu now appear on a far more flexible "Settings" screen. You can define multiple spot operating frequencies per band. All recognized amateur bands are supported, and frequency offsets can be configured for transverters.
  3. There has been considerable polishing and extension of the user interface, including optional user-defined palettes for the waterfall and user-defined fonts for the main screen, decoded text areas, and Astronomical Data screen.
  4. The JT65 decoder now accepts negative values of DT down to -3.2 s, eliminating most of the occasional "garbage decodes".
  5. Better (glitch-free) behavior of audio streams.
  6. Better handling of messages that include compound call signs.
  7. Support for standard "localization" conventions.
  8. Writable files now appear in platform-dependent standard locations. This allows for more efficient installation on all supported platforms and allows settings to be seamlessly carried forward during program upgrades.
  9. A new WSJT-X User Guide is available. Additions and changes will continue to be made, but most sections are now in good shape.

In addition, there are many internal changes to the project aimed at cleaning up the code, establishing a standard set of compile-and-build tools, and making the whole package more readily maintained by an active development group.

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