Brazil proposes 5275 kHz to 5450 kHz allocation

The National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil will propose new Amateur Service allocation from 5275 to 5450 kHz in the next meeting of the PCC.II (Permanent Consultative Committee II: Radio communications) of CITEL (Inter-American Telecommunication Commission), from 29 September - 4 October 2014 at Mérida City, Mexico.

The new allocation in secondary status for Amateur Service around 5300 kHz has been discussed since 2012 as agenda item 1.4 of the World Radio communication Conference 2015 (WRC-15 by International Telecommunications Union - ITU), while since 2002 the band is subject of various authorized experimental transmissions did by amateurs around the world.

The decision occurred last 11 September 2014 at the Brazilian Communications Commissions (CBC in Portuguese), a consultative committee for WRC-15 subjects lead by Anatel and formed by government, industry and representatives of the society.

LABRE, the Brazilian Amateur Radio Association, is one of the very active members of CBC through your ad-hoc working group devoted to Spectrum Defense and Management (GDE in Portuguese). The LABRE suggestions were approved at CBC and will constitute a Preliminary Proposal for CITEL.

The 5275-5450 kHz contiguous secondary allocation is the widest segment recently suggested by compatibility and sharing studies at ITU, but the Preliminary Proposal will also consider national adaptations since it will include a footnote where is described that each national administration can provide additional constraints to provide further compatibility with existing services, considering their national and local spectrum realities, for example taking effective by their national regulations lower power outputs levels, selections of specific modes, adoptions of restricted frequency segments or channels, etc.

Despite Canada and Brazil being the first countries in Region 2 to officially support Amateur Service around 5300 MHz, several others already have authorized domestic allocations considering past successful experiments. LABRE is working with Anatel to provide experimental licensees and also join the international activities and keep studying the spectrum.

The LABRE/GDE presentation at Anatel/CBC is available at GDE´s library weblink.

The GDE working group of LABRE not only involves spectrum management field, but also radio monitoring and national EMC rulemaking process. LABRE Sao Paulo and voluntaries are regularly supporters for keep the institutional activities.

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