Why is ham radio more popular than ever?

Members of the Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club are interviewed at the Woodstock Rescue Squad Headquarters

The article says over 725,000 Americans have ham radio licenses, up more than 60 percent since 1981.

Keith Tilley K2UNI describes some of the club’s local coordinated activities. “We did pumpkin patrol last night,” said Tilley, speaking the day after Halloween. He said the patrol involves keeping watch to make sure hooligans don’t drop pumpkins off highway overpasses. “We were there watching 10 or 11 different overpasses over the Thruway,” he said.

“Most of what we do in terms of public service is Kingston Classic and other events that are big in areas that need radio communications. We provide public service that way and we also practice for the potential of disasters in the future.”

Full Saugerties Times story - http://www.saugertiesx.com/2014/11/10/ham-radio-popular-ever/

Overlook Mountain Amateur Radio Club - http://www.gunkswriter.com/h/omarc/https://www.facebook.com/groups/47346019193/