VK5 SOTA & Parks Symposium

On Sunday 9th March, 2014, a VK5 SOTA & Parks Symposium will be held at the Guides Hall, Hannaford Road, Blackwood. This is the location of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society shack.

The purpose of the symposium is to allow like-minded amateurs to get together for the day, who have an interest in the Summits on the Air program, the VK5 National and Conservation Parks Award, the World Wide Flora and Fauna program, the Keith Roget Parks Award, and portable operation in general.

Doors will open at 8.30 a.m. with the symposium commencing at 9.00 a.m. sharp with a welcome by the President of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society.

Four guest speakers will then talk on topics including SOTA’s progress in VK, tips for activators & hunters of the VK5 Parks Award, an overview of the World Wide Flora & Fauna program, and using lithium phosphate chemistry batteries.

Morning tea including coffee, tea, cake & biscuits will be held at 10.30 a.m.

Following morning tea, there will be a further 5 presentations by guest speakers, on topics including home brew antennas, SOTA for the beginner, the parksnpeaks spotting site, prominence as related to SOTA, and a comparison between some portable HF equipment.

This will be followed by a short round table, general questions session and the closure of the symposium.

The presentations will conclude at 12.40 p.m. and this will be followed by a BBQ.

A charge of $4.00 is asked to cover for the cost of the BBQ and morning tea.

For more information, visit the AHARS website - http://www.ahars.com.au