New Medium Wave Beacon

A radio propagation beacon on the new 630 Metre band has begun in Australia and it encourages reports of its reception.

The band 472 to 479 kHz was granted to VK radio amateurs on January 1 2013 after the World Radiocommunication Conference approved the 7 kHz wide secondary allocation.

It sits just below the AM broadcast band and is now available to radio amateurs in a number of countries.

The 473 kHz beacon is at Mildura in northwest VK3 on the cross-roads of Australian capital cities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Strategically located it also aims to further stimulate activity on the band.

The project is the work of Noel Ferguson VK3FI who built it based on a circuit designed by fellow homebrewer Drew Diamond VK3XU, with changes made mainly for available components.

It identifies as VK3FI Mildura followed by 20 seconds of carrier, radiating from an L-antenna against a mast, plus seven radials and some 27 earth stakes.

The beacon is currently turned on at 1100 UTC part-time when VK3FI is present.

Reception reports are most welcome to