Ham radio operators provide serious public service

Alabama radio amateurs, part of the Limestone Amateur Radio Emergency Service, are part of the ears and voices that help protect residents during severe storms. Hams assist and provide communications during times of trouble and help prevent issues that cause trouble.

LARES works with the Limestone County Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service (SKYWARN) to provide real-time, severe weather data and communications in storm-damaged areas.

Operators set up at the EMA office and provide contact with a local network, which includes the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department, Athens Police, ambulance, fire departments and others. During severe weather ham operators typically know of warnings before they are issued to the general public.

LARES also has assisted many local organizations by providing communications during bike rides, fun runs, the annual Christmas Parade and other events.

Limestone Amateur Radio Emergency Services (LARES) - http://www.n4sev.org/