Ham radio antenna rules debated in Poway

Ham radio operators in Poway are making efforts to ease restrictions on amateur radio antennas in Poway

Poway has some of the most stringent antenna laws in the county, including a height limit of just 35 feet. Most San Diego County cities have no height limit.

During a meeting in Tuesday 18 February 2014, radio enthusiasts packed the chambers during what was billed as a council “workshop.” Many chided the council for being out of compliance with federal and state regulations for years and said Poway was lucky it hadn’t been called on it in court.

Charles Ristorcelli NN3V of the Poway Amateur Radio Society, gave a lengthy presentation that concluded a 65-foot height limit would be an acceptable compromise.

“It is time amateur radio antennas not be confused with construction of a superstore,” he said.

Chuck Cross, of the Poway Neighborhood Emergency Corps, noted that ham radio operators provided important communication outlets during the wildfires last decade. He urged the council to “simplify and clarify” the process.

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