915-921 MHz Licence Exempt allocation

Ofcom has published a statement on the release of spectrum in the 870 to 876 MHz and 915 to 921 MHz bands for Short Range Devices, which can be used for machine to machine (M2M) communications

Machine to machine communications can be used to link devices together wirelessly, and will form part of what is becoming known as the Internet of Things.

The release of these frequencies means that the UK will be among the first countries in Europe to make this spectrum available for machine to machine communications.

As these devices increasingly connect to each other, they could lead to significant innovation, efficiencies and consumer benefit.

Examples include better management of city infrastructures, greater building security, more regular flows of transport traffic, improving energy efficiency, and health monitoring.

Research commissioned by Ofcom estimates that there could be over 300 million M2M devices in the UK by 2020.

Responses to the December 2013 consultation gave broad support to Ofcom’s key proposals and highlighted their value for M2M uses and the Internet of Things.

Having considered the responses, Ofcom will authorise the use of Short Range Devices by licence exemption in line with the technical conditions specified in the consultation.

Ofcom will be publishing a regulatory notice containing the draft licence exemption regulations later this month.

Read the Ofcom statement - http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/consultations/short-range-devices/statement/