ICASA awards long-term 5MHz license to SARL

In 2013, the South African Radio League obtained a license from ICASA to do propagation search on 5250kHz and 5260kHz to support the World Radio Conference (WRC15) agenda item 1.4 which will consider a possible new allocation to the amateur service on a secondary basis within the band 5250 - 5450 kHz.

To support the agenda item propagation conditions, frequency sharing studies on the impact to other services currently allocated in the band and in the adjacent bands will need to be carried out.

Last year the SARL submitted a proposal to the Council of ICASA for the sponsorship of long term license. The Council granted the license to the SARL last week. The SARL received the official license this week which is valid to 31 October 2015.

The Council of the SARL expressed its appreciation for the support from ICASA.

In association with the Kempton Park Amateur Radio Technical Society (KARTS) some early result of the WSPR experiment have been released.

More information - http://www.sarl.org.za