Youngsters On The Air and ERTC 2014

YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) is a youth movement inviting fifteen European national youth teams to a selected rotating EU location every year to get together, learn from each other and experience various aspects of Amateur Radio through meaningful and entertaining concepts emphasizing social, radio communication and technology skills.

OF3ERTC is a special event Amateur Radio station active in conjunction with ERTC 2014 from July 18-20th, while OH2YOTA will be active from the actual event site in Virrat, Finland starting July 16th.

ERTC (European Radio Team Championship) is a voice communication (VoIP) contest where two-member national youth teams try to make a maximum number of contacts with a maximum number of countries within a defined time period.

ERTC uses a Virtual Amateur Radio platform (HamSphere) where amateur radio-like operating is conducted on the Internet with amateur radio-like bands and operating features such as current radio propagation together with beam antennas and amplifiers plus an online logbook, awards and QSLing backed up with learning material and an exam free entry gate.

All this makes HamSphere a highly suitable application to learn about real Amateur Radio and help youth to discover Amateur Radio in their regular hangout, the Internet.

PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES -- Belgium (ON), Bulgaria (LZ), Croatia (9A),
Czech Republic (OK), Estonia (ES), Finland (OH), Italy (I), Lithuania (LY),
Netherlands (PA), Poland (SP), Romania (YO), Slovakia (OM), Sweden (SM), United Kingdom (G) and Spain (EA). 

These country-teams are currently active in Virtual World Amateur Radio practicing and preparing for their trip to Finland. Also, some invited Exhibition Teams will participate in the event over the Internet.

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