New Ham Radio Regulations for Thailand

The 247,000 radio amateurs in Thailand have new amateur radio regulations giving them important new privileges 

Prior to the change the entry level Basic (Novice) license only had 10 watts output on the 144 MHz band, they will now be getting 60 watts on 144 and 100 watts on the 28 MHz band.

Other changes

  • Six metre (50-54 HHz) operational allowed
  • 2m band expanded by 500 kHz (upto146.5 MHz)
  • Advanced Licences will gain additional power, increased to 1000 watts
  • Removal of restrictions on radio approval, making it easier for Amateur / Ham Radio operators to source new kit.
  • Additional spectrum in the 160m and 8-m HF bands
  • VHF and UHF bands above 2m to be opened
  • Basic Amateur Radio Operators will be able to operate on 10-metres (28 MHz) as well as two metres (144 MHz)
  • Operators on two metres (144 MHz) will be allowed to use up to 60 watts and club stations 100 watts. 
  • More club stations and contest callsigns will be issued.
  • Those who do not hold an amateur radio licence may operate under supervision at a club station.
  • Callsigns that have expired, if not renewed within two years, will be reassigned.
  • The Morse code test will remain as a component of the intermediate and advanced class amateur radio examination in Thailand.

The Amateur / Ham radio license classes in Thailand are: 

  • Basic Amateur / Ham Radio Operator License (100W on 28 MHz, 60W on 144 MHz)
  • Intermediate Amateur / Ham Radio Operator License (200 Watts)
  • Advanced Amateur / Ham Radio Operator License (1kW)

Advanced is a new class, although Advanced had been provided for in the regulations since 1987 it had until now never been activated.

There is also an Extra class licence which has only one license holder The King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej HS1A.

In their submission to the 15th IARU R3 conference the RAST reported that in May 2012 Thailand had 246,959 radio amateurs holding the Basic entry level license and 717 Intermediate and Reciprocal HF license holders.