False health scare over radio ham's mast

Kent radio amateur Armando Martins M0PAM, who speaks six languages, is having to fight completely unfounded allegations that his short 30ft mast causes health and other problems

Armando Martins, who also holds the Portuguese callsign CT1JSP, has operated a radio since 1962 and has been using his 30ft mast in Belinge, Herne Bay since 2012. He uses his radio equipment to communicate with other operators across the globe and help in disaster zones if other communication systems have been knocked out.

Residents at a Thornhurst retirement/sheltered housing complex in Beltinge are reported to have made unfounded claims against the mast.

East Kent Housing Association runs the complex and says mediation with the neighbours has broken down. The Association's manager, Michelle Simmonds, confirmed that tests carried out by Ofcom have not revealed evidence of any interference from the mast.

Full Story - http://www.kentonline.co.uk/herne-bay/news/radio-enthusiast-denies-90ft-mast-21621/