Update on HR.4969

Amateur radio operators in North America are enjoying the benefits of the ARRL efforts on behalf of 'The Amateur Radio Parity Act' HR.4969 are bearing fruit

US Ham's benefiting from ARRL efforts on HR.4969

US Ham's benefiting from ARRL efforts on HR.4969

HR.4969 will ensure that every radio ham in the US, regardless of the community they live in, will have the opportunity to practice their avocation from their own homes without breaking any rules or fear of reprisal.

If enacted, HR 4969 would direct the FCC to extend the the reasonable accommodation protections to those amateurs who are living in deed-restricted communities.  Known as "CC&Rs" (covenants, conditions and restrictions) are the prohibitions and limitations placed on properties by builders or home-owner associations (HOAs) which prevent licensed Amateurs from erecting even modest antennas.

“With Congress on break for the month of August, we are encouraging our members to meet with their representatives while they are home on break in their districts, and urge their support for HR.4969,” said ARRL Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND. “We’re very pleased with the initial response, but the more noise we make, the better our chances.”

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