Ofcom Error on English Callsigns

The regulator Ofcom has been sending written details of the proposed amateur radio licence but recipients in England have been surprised to see their callsign started with GE or ME


One amateur who rang Ofcom was informed that the staff had been told to treat all English licences as having a Regional Secondary Locator (RSL) of "E".

“As you will be aware, Ofcom is required to give all licensed radio amateurs notice that it intends to vary licences in line with its decisions following last year’s consultation. That process has now begun and letters are being sent out.

It has been brought to the RSGB’s attention that some amateurs have received a letter suggesting that their callsign now includes the RSL “E”. Ofcom have confirmed that this is an error and not a change in policy. Further details will be published on the Ofcom website.” -
— RSGB Statement